Hello everyone! I’m glad to have you here.

My name is Juan Herrera Moral

I would like to tell you how the idea of this website called Endormoonstore arised. This young company was born on July 1st, 2017.

Since I was a child I always liked collecting: Sci-Fi movies, Anime, Manga, Super Hero Comics, role-playing games, slot racing cars… but what impressed me the most in this world was the product of George Lucas’ mind: the universe of the Star Wars movies. This discovery marked a turning point for me and led me to the world of collecting which I dedicate myself to ever since. Turning 38 I had to reorientate my professional life, and I thought the best way to do so was to spend my time doing something I’m passionate about and that feels much more like a hobby than a job to me. That is why I enjoy so much what I do and spend all my energy and time on attending to my customers the way I like to be attended to: with personalized costumer service 365 days a year. I love to deal with collectors and talk to them, to know their concerns and what they collect, to chat about our preferences.. Since I consider myself as one of them I try to attend them the best way possible.

I chose to name my shop based on my main inspiration – Star Wars – therefore the name of the Online Shop which I hope will become your main choice.


¿Cómo puedes contactar conmigo?

I will be pleased to attend to you in everything possible, in an earnest and professional way and always with the utmost sincerity and honesty. I hope you like the website and, as you know, don’t hesitate to contact me by the following ways:

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648 25 17 06

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I will try to answer as quickly as possible

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